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Digital Live Sound Mixing with the Comfort and Efficiency of Analog

The M7CL series is a digital live-sound console that carries on the digital evolution from the acclaimed PM1DV2 and PM5D consoles. It includes an impressive array of advanced concepts such as the "Centralogic™" control interface that makes it as easy and intuitive to use as an analog console, and in-depth access management facilities that will be particularly appreciated in installations. The M7CL is familiar and comfortable to use, offering a level of convenience that overturns the preconception that "digital is difficult". A surprising range of functions that you would normally have to supply in the form of peripheral equipment is built in, and all of this is provided in a space that is dramatically less than an analog console of similar scope. The M7CL is the ideal digital mixing console for medium size live sound applications that have previously been handled by analog gear.

Centralogic and Selected Channel Control - Two Intuitive Approaches to Mixing

Centralogic™ is an innovative Yamaha approach to console operation that allows total control from an easily accessible central area. Blocks of eight channels can be brought to the center of the console via simple navigation keys, and operated via a central interface including a touch-panel display and encoders directly below the display. Yamaha's acclaimed Selected Channel interface is also implemented, providing a range of operating options that make this advanced digital console as easy and intuitive as an analog console to use in live sound applications.

Available in 32 and 48 channel versions, the versatile M7CL has become the console of choice for a vast range of applications, from regional venues and houses of worship to major live music tours and theater productions. Incorporating requests from thousands of users worldwide, the M7CL Version 2 update adds even more functions to the console's already considerable palette.

Global Paste allows simultaneous editing of parameters on multiple scenes. You no longer need to recall and save edited parameters on every single scene.
In the event that you need to make last minute changes to HA or EQ settings in all scenes because a fill-in musician is bringing different instruments on a particular show, Global Paste will make this adjustment fast and easy.

The Channel Library is a memory bank that stores channel parameter settings such as dynamics and EQ. Store parameter settings of your most frequently used channel configurations for efficient setup.

Matrix Send on Sends on Fader

You can now assign Matrix Send on "Sends on Fader" mode, making the M7CL a powerful 24 bus monitor mixer.
The "Input to Matrix" is a useful feature, directly sending input to the 8 matrix buses. Send levels to all buses can now be controlled using faders instead of knobs for more intuitive and precise control.
The improved Sends on Fader function is useful for handling numerous stage monitor or effect sends.

Relative Level Channel Link

Channel Link is a function that links the operation of parameters such as fader and EQ between input channels. With M7CL Version 2, you can now create links with offsets in level. For example, several channels of mics on a drumset can be linked to control level of the entire drum mix.

Direct access of Sends on Fader from knobs during the Sends on Fader mode

When in Sends on Fader mode, pressing the Mix Send knob will select the corresponding Mix bus, giving you speedy access to your desired mix send levels. If you currently use User Defined Keys to jump to Sends on Faders, this new feature will free up precious User Defined Keys for an even faster operation.
Select Sends on Fader destination simply by pressing the desired Mix knob. You can now use the hardware knob or the touch panel button to select Send destination.

*This feature will be made available in a future update.

Post On insert for input/output

This is a new insert point requested by users who need inserts after fader adjustments, or need certain output level before insert.
In a live recording situation, you may want to insert an internal GEQ to the Stereo Master, which is also being sent to a Matrix Bus. By inserting the internal GEQ in the Post Fader insert position, Matrix Bus sends will not have to go through the GEQ.
Broadcast applications that require a limiter to be inserted to the master will benefit from this new insert point. By having the insert point after the fader, avoid unneccesary limiting even when fader level is low.

Post On direct out

The Post On direct out can be convenient for live recording using M7CL's mix and EQ settings. If recording live, using this direct out position can prevent noise on the feed when plugging or unplugging a DI bass guitar if the fader level is low. Any signal not required for recording such as playback cues, can be excluded from the live recording feed.

Monitor/Cue level control on the Mono/ Stereo faders

You now have a choice of controlling Monitor/Cue level using either the Mono or the Stereo fader and the Monitor Level encoder. The fader will better visualize its level and allow precise and comfortable adjustments for many users.

Recall Safe improvements

Input channel attenuator is now an independent recall safe parameter.This is useful when sharing SB168-ES stage inputs with two M7CL consoles.
Only one console can take control of the HA on the SB168-ES.The non-controlling M7CL can use the attenuation to make necessary level adjustments.The attenuation is a recall safe parameter and can be configured to maintain its level even if a different scene is recalled.

Effect Type List

Title Type Description
Reverb Hall REVERB HALL Concert hall reverberation simulation with gate
Reverb Room REVERB ROOM Room reverberation simulation with gate
Reverb Stage REVERB STAGE Reverb designed for vocals, with gate
Reverb Plate REVERB PLATE Plate reverb simulation with gate
Early Ref. EARLY REF. Early reflections without the subsequent reverb
Gate Reverb GATE REVERB Gated early reflections
Reverse Gate REVERSE GATE Gated reverse early reflections
Mono Delay MONO DELAY Simple mono delay
Stereo Delay STEREO DELAY Simple stereo delay
Mod.Delay MOD.DELAY Simple repeat delay with modulation
Delay LCR DELAY LCR 3-tap (left, center, right) delay
Echo ECHO Stereo delay with crossed left/right feedback
Chorus CHORUS Chorus
Flange FLANGE Flanger
Symphonic SYMPHONIC Original Yamaha effect that produces a richer and more complex modulation than normal chorus
Phaser PHASER 16-stage stereo phase shifter
Auto Pan AUTO PAN Auto-panner
Tremolo TREMOLO Tremolo
HQ. Pitch HQ.PITCH Mono pitch shifter, producing stable results
Dual Pitch DUAL PITCH Stereo pitch shifter
Rotary ROTARY Rotary speaker simulation
Ring Mod. RING MOD. Ring modulator
Mod.Filter MOD.FILTER Modulated filter
Rev+Chorus REV+CHORUS Reverb and chorus in parallel
Rev->Chorus REV->CHORUS Reverb and chorus in series
Rev+Flange REV+FLANGE Reverb and flanger in parallel
Rev->Flange REV->FLANGE Reverb and flanger in series
Rev+Sympho. REV+SYMPHO. Reverb and symphonic in parallel
Rev->Sympho. REV->SYMPHO. Reverb and symphonic in series
Rev->Pan REV->PAN Reverb and auto-pan in series
Delay+Er. DELAY+ER. Delay and early reflections in parallel
Delay->Er. DELAY->ER. Delay and early reflections in series
Delay+Rev DELAY+REV Delay and reverb in parallel
Delay->Rev DELAY->REV Delay and reverb in series
Dist->Delay DIST->DELAY Distortion and delay in series
Multi.Filter MULTI.FILTER 3-band parallel filter (24 dB/octave)
Freeze FREEZE Simple sampler
Stereo Reverb ST REVERB Stereo reverb
M.Band Dyna. M.BAND DYNA. Multi-band dynamics processor
M.Band Comp M.BAND COMP Multi-band compressor
REV-X Hall REV-X HALL New reverb algorithm that delivers dense and rich reverberation, smooth decay, and provides a spaciousness and depth that enhances the original sound. Choose from three types depending on your location and needs; REV-X HALL, REV-X ROOM, and REV-X PLATE.



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Manufacturer YAMAHA
Manufacturer Code M7CL-48

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