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Full-featured Professional Live Mixing Experience
The ZEPHYR ZMX244FXU is our flagship ZEPHYR ZMX and is a 24-channel, 4-bus mixer with loads of inputs, outputs, routing, EQ, and effects, for any live performance reinforcement need. It features 18 ultra-low microphone inputs with balanced TRS jacks and insert points, a three-band EQ with a sweepable mid frequency on 16 channels, four channels of stereo inputs with 4-band fixed EQs, and a 4-bus assignable sub mixer. You also get 60mm high-precision faders and four AUX sends per channel (2 Pre/Post switchable pots). The ZMX244FXU gives you the all the features you need to mix any professional live performance.
256 Onboard Alesis Effects
Whether you're mixing the church choir or a heavy metal band, give your mix a professional edge with 256 onboard 24-bit Alesis DSP effects. Choose from room and space delays, small and large hall acoustics, plate and spring reverbs, flangers, chorusus and more. The ZMX244FXU offers 16 variations of 16 professional effects from which to build, tweak, and dial in your sound.
USB Audio Interface
Capture your live mix with your laptop and computer recording software by simply connecting a USB cable to the ZMX244FXU. This USB-enabled professional mixing console features a USB port that streams two channels of 24-bit audio out to your computer (Main Mix or Sub Mix 1/2). With the ZMX244FXU you can record band rehearsals, club gigs, speaking engagments, worship meetings, and any other live performance reinforcment sitation. What's more, this USB connection is bi-directional so you can also stream audio from your laptop to the  ZMX244FXU for audio and music playback!
High headroom, low noise
The ZMX244FX is the ultimate ZEPHYR ZMX mixer with the most features and inputs in the series. Of course, the purity of your mix is essential so we held nothing back. The ZMX244FX is designed with high headroom and ultra low-noise, discrete mic preamps so you always get the full dynamic range of your mix every time. This professional mixer sets the standard of quality as our top-of-the-line model.  
Visualize your mix
We designed every ZEPHYR ZMX mixer with your performance in mind. Sometimes venues are dark and it can be hard to see what you're working with. Alto Professional solves this problem by not only color coding each section of the mixer, but also by using brightly colored knobs so that you can easily find what you need to adjust before you ever lay a finger on the mixer.  Our blue, red, yellow and white pots are instantly easy to identify in dim lighting. LED indicators for output level, peak, and phantom power also assist in making sure that you have multiple visual cues that compliment everything you're hearing.
44 total inputs
3-band EQ with swept mid on microphone channels
4-band fixed EQ on stereo line channels
Stereo 9-band graphic EQ
4 AUX sends per channel: 2 PRE/POST faders switchable
4-bus sub mixer
60mm high precision faders
24-bit Alesis DSP effects for 256 choices (16 presets × 16 variations)
USB audio interface for computer software recording and monitoring
Input Channels 
Microphone Input: Electronically Balanced
Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz, ±1 dB
Distortion: ( THD&N) <0.03% at 0 dBu, 1kHz
Gain range: 0 dB to 50 dB (Mic)
SNR (Signal-to-noise ratio): 114 dB
Line Input: Electronically Balanced (Unbalanced)
Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz, ±1 dB
Distortion: (THD&N) <0.03% at 0 dBu, 1 kHz
Gain range: -15 dBu to 35 dBu
Impedance Microphone Input: 1.4 kOhms
Channel Insert return: 2.5 kOhms
All Other Input: 10 kOhms or Greater
Tape Out: 1 kOhms
All Other Outputs: 120 Ohms
Hi Shelving: ±15 dB @ 12 kHz 
Mid bell: ±12 dB @ 100 Hz - 8 kHz 
Low shelving: ±15 dB @ 80 Hz 
MAIN EQ: 9 EQ (63 Hz, 125 Hz, 250 Hz, 500 Hz, 1 kHz, 2 kHz, 4 kHz, 8 kHz, 16 kHz) ±15 dB
DSP Section: A/D and D/A converters 24-bit
DSP Resolution: 24-bit
Type of effects: Large Hall, Medium Hall, Large Room, Medium Room, Karaoke, Short Spring Reverb, Long Spring Reverb, Chamber, Mono Delay, Mono Echo, Stereo Echo, Flanger, Chorus, Reverb + Chorus, Reverb + Delay, Thickener
Presets: 16
Controls: 16-position preset selector
Clip LED
Mute switch with peak LED Indicator
Main Mix Section Noise (Bus noise) 
Fader 0 dB, Channels muted: -94 dBu
Fader 0 dB, All Input Channels Assigned and Set To Unity Gain:  -92 dBu
Phantom Power: Mic Pin 2 / Pin 3 and Pin 1 47±2V
Power supply main voltage: 100 V - 230 V
Dimensions (WxLxH): 765mm x 400mm x 115mm
Weight: 23.4 lb


Alto RMX2408 1000W Powered DSP Cabinet Mixer  — The EMPIRE RMX2408DFX defines the pinnacle of the EMPIRE RMX cabinet mixer line which includes the RMX1508DFX (1500W), RMX1008DFX (1000W), and RMX508DFX (500W) models.

Just mentioning the RMX2408DFX's 2000 watt pure power amplifier says it means business. Class D amplification makes the RMX2408DFX not only powerful but incredibly light compared to other solutions so you won't break your back bringing it to the venue. Running the RMX2408DFX in stereo will deliver 2 x 1000W at 8-ohms of pure, clean power. You also have the option to run at 4 x 500W (4-ohm).

We didn't stop at just delivering clean power for this, our flagship cabinet mixer. The RMX2408DFX features an incredibly useful array of tools that can make your events world-class. The RMX2408DFX includes 18 total inputs including 8 XLR jacks with phantom power, 8 Line jacks and stereo RCA. This means that whether you're pulling in guitars, mics, keyboards or even an iPod for playback between sets, you're covered with the RMX2408DFX.

Once everything is connected, there's a full on-board digital effects processor and 3-shelf EQ on each mono and stereo channel so you can dial in the perfect sound at any venue. A 24-bit, built-in DSP effects engine supplies ample options for sweetening including Hall, Room, Vocal & Plate reverbs, Mono & Stereo delay (max delay time 650ms), Chorus, Flanger & Reverb modulations, Reverb+Delay, Reverb+Chorus and Reverb+Flanger combinations. 256 different DSP presets provide ample options for any situation. When the gig is done, inset, molded handles on both ends make it super easy to transport.

Make the professional choice for a portable cabinet mixer with the EMPIRE RMX-series.


  • 2000W Powered Cabinet Mixer with Effects
  • 18 total inputs including 8 XLR jacks with phantom power, 8 Line jacks and stereo RCA
  • On-board digital effects processor and 3-shelf EQ on each mono and stereo channel
  • Continuous 4 x 500 Watt at 4Ω; 2X1000 at 8; 2x500 at 4 + 1x1000 bridged at 8



  • Mono input channels Microphone input electronically balanced, discrete input configuration
  • Frequency response 10Hz to 55kHz, +/–3dB
  • Distortion: (THD & N) 0.006% at +4dBu, 1kHz
  • Gain 50dB (MIC)
  • SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) >90dB
  • Line input electronically balanced
  • Frequency response 10Hz to 55kHz, +/–3dB
  • Distortion (THD & N) 0.04% at +4dBu, 1kHz
  • Gain 30dB
  • Stereo input channels Line input Unbalanced
  • Frequency response 10Hz to 55kHz, +/–3dB
  • Distortion (THD & N) 0.006% at +4dBu, 1kHz
  • Impedances Microphone input 1.4kOhm
  • Channel Insert return 2.5kOhm
  • All other inputs 10kOhm or greater
  • Tape out 1kOhm
  • All other output 120Ohm
  • Equalization Hi shelving +/–15dB @12kHz
  • Mid bell    +/–15dB @2.5kHz
  • Low shelving +/–15dB @ 80Hz
  • DSP Section A/D and D/A converters  24 bit
  • DSP resolution 24 bit
  • Type of effects: Hall, Room, Vocal & Plate REVERBS, Mono & Stereo DELAY (max DELAY TIME 650ms), Chorus, Flanger & Reverb MODULATIONS, REVERB+DELAY, REVERB+CHORUS and REVERB+FLANGER  combinations 
  • Presets 256



  • 16-position PRESET Selector;16-position VARIATION selector
  • CLIP LED; MUTE SWITCH with LED indicator
  • Main Mix Section Noise (Bus Noise) Fader 0dB, all input channels assigned and set to 
  • UNITY gain:–71dBr (ref.:+4dBu) 
  • Max output +27dBu balanced , +22dBu unbalanced, 1/4" jacks
  • AUX Sends max out +22dBu


Output Power 

  • 500Wx2+500Wx2 mode 480Wx4(EIAJ) @ 4ohm, 
  • 224Wx4(EIAJ) @ 8ohm
  • 1000Wx1+1000Wx1 mode 976Wx2(EIAJ) @ 8ohm
  • 500Wx1(R)+500Wx1(L)+1000W(MONO) mode 521Wx2(EIAJ) @ 4ohm+937Wx1(EIAJ) @8 ohm
  • Bridge mode 1553W @ 8ohm


Power supply Main voltage 

  • 100-120VAC ~ 60Hz 
  • 210-240VAC ~ 50Hz
  • Fuse 100~120V: T15A 
  • 210~240V:T10A
  • Dimensions (WxLxH): 550mm x 220mm x 310mm
  • Weight: 20.5 lb - 9.3kg

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Manufacturer ALTO
Manufacturer Code RMX2408

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